How to Secure Your Website With Sucuri for WordPress Hosting

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This article describes how to use the Sucuri plugin for WordPress to secure your website. It also explains some of the benefits of using Sucuri for WordPress.

NOTICE: Sucuri for WordPress is just one way to secure your website’s data. Check out the many features WordPress Hosting by InMotion Hosting including supplementing security for your website.

How to Secure Your WordPress Website

Security is vital to ensuring your business website’s success. The Sucuri plugin for WordPress helps make securing your website simple. It is a robust security solution for your WordPress website. You can easily get started by completing these few steps:

  1. Install Sucuri for WordPress
  2. Configure Security Notifications
  3. Audit Security Logs

Completing the three tasks above will help by adding a layer of security to WordPress. However, it is important to continuously seek out opportunities to improve your website’s security. Continue reading the next section to learn more about the benefits the Sucuri plugin has to offer.

Benefits of Sucuri for WordPress

The biggest benefit Sucuri has to offer is its many features. If used proactively, they can help you to establish an ongoing, effective security strategy.

Blacklist Monitoring is a great feature that helps you to ensure that your visitors can see your website. Rather than having to check each blacklist for your website, Sucuri monitors the popular ones for you and displays them nicely in your WordPress Dashboard. This insight allows you to resolve being blacklisted sooner than later. 

File Integrity Monitoring is another benefit of securing your WordPress website with the Sucuri plugin. This feature prevents unauthorized changes from going undetected.

Remote Malware Scanning can help identify issues that may cause your website to be flagged by Google as malicious. SiteCheck runs automatically and the scan results are conveniently displayed in the Sucuri security dashboard (inside of your WordPress dashboard). Although the remote scan is not a 100% guarantee, it can help identify many kinds of malware.

NOTE: You can subscribe to one of Sucuri’s premium plans to complement remote malware scanning with server-side scanning and manual auditing.

Security Notifications help keep you aware of security issues. They can be configured to notify you as much or as little as you deem necessary. Remember:

“The sooner you are aware of security vulnerabilities, the quicker you can mitigate them.”

These are just a few of the many benefits that Sucuri provides for WordPress. Check out the features included in our WordPress Hosting plans to learn more about how InMotion Hosting helps make securing your WordPress website easier for you.

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