How to Provide User Access in WordPress Hosting

Provide user access to WordPress

One of the conveniences of using WordPress hosting is the ability to have multiple people with different user access levels. These user access levels can be defined by the role you provide within WordPress.

This enables you to provide access to multiple users who can access your site without providing them access to the hosting services that you may want to keep private. You can also use one of the many plugins provided in to create your own roles. To keep things simple, we’re going to show the built-in options that you have for adding users within WordPress.

User Access to WordPress

By default, WordPress provides 5 different roles that you can select:

  • Administrator – This user has complete access to the WordPress Administrator Dashboard and customization features of the theme
  • Editor – This user can publish and manage all posts
  • Author – This user can publish and manage only their posts
  • Contributor – A user who can write and manage their own posts, but they cannot publish
  • Subscriber – A user who can only manage their user profile settings

In order to add a new user follow these quick steps:

  1. Log in to your WordPress Administrator.
  2. Click on Users in the menu.
  3. Click on Add New.
  4. Fill in all the fields. Note that you can create a password for them, or have them create it when logging in. When you click on Show Password, you will see an automatically generated password there. This defaults to a strong password. We recommend that you use a strong password for any user that you create. If you create a the user, make sure they are aware of it by clicking on the Send User Notification option.
  5. Click on Add New User

When you first install WordPress, an Administrator account is automatically created. It is possible that you can have more than one admin account. If you intend to give access to a developer for your WordPress account, then an Administrator user may be sufficient.

cPanel Access for Developers or Designers

If your developer needs more access to your WordPress Hosting account, then it is possible to provide database and FTP access to that user. For more details on providing either full cPanel access or just database and FTP access, please see Giving Your Developer or Designer Account Access.

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