PHP-FPM for WordPress

Your WordPress hosting package has been optimized with every consideration toward speed and security. To that effect, we have adopted the use of the PHP-FPM (PHP-FastCGI Process Manager) to manage PHP requests.

PHP-FPM offers a variety of features and operation parameters. These parameters allow our systems team to manage PHP processes more efficiently. This translates to optimized speed and versatility for your WordPress project.

The following is a modest sample of the features we are happy to provide with PHP-FPM:

Improved Performance

PHP-FPM runs separately from Apache. This means better performance for both PHP and Apache. Configurable operation parameters means our systems team has more control in making sure that all users get fair access to the CPU resources. Better PHP and Apache means more WordPress for more people at fast speeds.

Sophisticated Caching

PHP-FPM offers sophisticated caching opportunities. Running scripts once and caching them allows PHP-FPM to load those scripts from memory later. This kind of “micro-caching” yields tremendous improvements over previous PHP handlers.


Previous PHP handlers would run scripts from the Apache user group. Conversely, PHP-FPM can run scripts that are unique to users. This feature is designed to provide better security.

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