Social Media Sharing with Jetpack

Jetpack offers social media sharing features. Using the “Sharing” features your readers can easily share your posts and pages with a wide variety of social media platforms or email, whichever they prefer.

Making it easier for your viewers to share your content is a way to get more readers and thus more regular visits to your site.

How to Add Sharing Buttons to Your Posts and Pages

With Jetpack, you can easily add social media sharing links to any post or page.

  1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Select Settings under Jetpack
  3. Click the Sharing tab
  4. Enable Add sharing buttons to posts under Sharing buttons

Now, under WordPress > Settings > Sharing, you will be able to select which specific social media services you want to enable on your site.

Easy Promotion with Publicize

You can automatically share your new posts with social media via the Publicize connections. Jetpack lets you connect your site to your social media accounts. This way, you can automatically update all of your relevant channels from one post.

  1. Enable Automatically share your posts to social networks under the Publicize Connections box
  2. Click the link to Connect your social media accounts

You will be redirected to your account, where you can add and update social media connections.

How to Enable “Likes”

You also have the option of keeping your social environment localized to WordPress with Like buttons. If you enable the Allow readers to show their appreciation of your posts by adding a like button to your content option, you will now have a signature WordPress like button on your posts, which users can click to show you they “liked” your post.

Now that you have your social media sharing set up, learn How to Use Social Previews in Jetpack.

We recommend watching our video on How to Use Jetpack to Share Your Posts to Social Media.
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