What To Do When WordPress Won’t Publish Your Post

What To Do When WordPress Won’t Publish Your Post - Hero Image

Have you tried publishing a post in WordPress Hosting website, but the process has been much more difficult than it needed to be?

Sometimes, even scheduled posts may not publish for some reason, which is even more problematic, since you may not even realize it until later.

This is a common WordPress error that usually can be fixed after trying a few troubleshooting tricks. Here are some steps to take when you’re having trouble publishing a post in WordPress.

Disable And Reactivate Plugins

Many times, the source of the issue will be at the plugin level. The first thing to do is to disable all plugins you have activated on your website. If you’re able to publish the post after doing this, then you know it’s a plugin causing the problem.

Next, you’ll want to start reactivating the plugins individually and try publishing a post in WordPress each time after you reactivate one. Be sure to follow this process with each plugin to identify all potential issues. When you come across the plugin that’s not allowing you to publish a post, disable it permanently and your problem should be alleviated.

Try A New WordPress Theme

If all of your plugins check out, then the next place to look is your WordPress theme. Try disabling the current theme you have and activating a default one. Then try publishing a post in WordPress. If it works, you’ve solved the problem and may need to select a new theme.

Also, if you have recently added any code to your theme or if the theme was updated in any way, there may be an issue with the update. You could try reverting back to a previous version and testing it to potentially identify the issue as well.

Work With A WordPress Host You Trust

WordPress is so popular because it’s simple to use and you don’t have to be an expert to work with it. However, when things go wrong, it can be a time-consuming task to try to figure out the problem. Most companies prefer working with a trustworthy WordPress host, like InMotion Hosting. A good WordPress host will ensure your website is always operating at the highest level and will quickly resolve any issues that arise. You’ll never have to worry about missing a post again.

InMotion Hosting offers many different services that can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Your business website is a necessity, but it can be a daunting task to constantly maintain it. Our goal is to provide high-quality hosting services to ensure you can focus on other important aspects of your business while we take care of everything related to your website behind the scenes. To learn more about our services and how they can help you, contact us today.

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