Whitelist a Domain in Spam Experts

In this article:You may occasionally want to make sure that emails from a domain are never blocked by Spam Experts. The process of making this exemption is called whitelisting. You should only make exemptions when it’s necessary. Making too many exemptions will make Spam Experts ineffective at filtering spam from your email. Use this tutorial to learn how to whitelist a domain in Spam Experts.

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How to Whitelist a Domain With Spam Experts

Follow the steps below to whitelist your domain. Click on the slideshow that follows to see the screenshots related to each step.
  1. Log into Spam Experts.
  2. Click on Whitelist Filtering Rules under Incoming – Protection Settings.
  3. Select + Add Rule at the top of the page.
  4. Name the rule that you are creating. For example, you may want to name it after the domain you’re whitelisting: Example.com whitelist rule.
  5. Since the rule you’re creating is based on the FROM field, click on the drop-down arrow under Match and then select “From“.
  6. In the next field click on the conditional that you want to use. Since any email from a particular domain would be something like “[email protected]“, you will want to use “contains“. This will allow you to include any email from that domain.
  7. Type in the domain name you’re trying to whitelist in the next field.
  8. Click on Save.
Click on the arrow or dot to move through the screenshots in the slideshow below. The numbers correspond to the directions above.
  • select Professional Spam Filter
  • click on whitelist filtering
  • click on add rule
  • create the new rule
  • select from in the Match dropdown
  • click on contains in the middle dropdown
  • type in the name of the domain
  • click on save
Congratulations! That completes our tutorial on whitelisting a domain! Spam Experts will exempt the domain name you have added in the rule that you have created from this point. Any rule that you add will appear in a list at the bottom of the page.
Rule added to the bottom of the page
Click on this link in order to see more Spam Experts tutorials. FOr the opposite problem, check out how to blacklist domains in Spam Experts. If you’re having trouble with outgoing email, see how to whitelist recipients in Spam Experts.
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