Spam Experts – Train Email as Spam

Spam emails generally have very obvious flags that make them easy to identify. However, there are emails that occasionally leak through the spam filters. Spam Experts lets you train the filter so that it can identify these emails. Follow this tutorial to learn how to train Spam Experts to identify spam. Searching for a reliable Read More >

Train Spam Experts – Email Not Spam

In this article: Learn how to Train Spam Experts for Emails Not Spam Occasionally, you may be anticipating emails that should not be classified as spam. Spam Experts can be trained so that it does not filter those emails. The process requires that you have a copy of the email saved as either a .eml Read More >

Blacklist a Domain in Spam Experts

In this article: Learn to Blacklist a Domain If you need to make sure that emails from a domain are blocked by Spam Experts, then you are blacklisting a domain. You should only make blacklist a domain when it’s necessary. If you blacklist a domain, then emails will be blocked by Spam Experts. Use this Read More >

Whitelist a Domain in Spam Experts

In this article: Learn to Whitelist a Domain You may occasionally want to make sure that emails from a domain are never blocked by Spam Experts. The process of making this exemption is called whitelisting. You should only make exemptions when it’s necessary. Making too many exemptions will make Spam Experts ineffective at filtering spam Read More >

How to Whitelist Recipients in SpamExperts

There may be times when you may want to make sure that emails sent to certain recipients are not filtered by Spam Experts. This is not recommended for your general email recipient. A good example of using this option is for recipients like postmasters or abuse emails. They may require emails with content that is Read More >

How to Create a Shortcut to the Spam Experts Login

In this article: Login to Spam Experts through cPanel Setting the Password Login to Spam Experts Using a Web Browser The Spam Experts application has been updated to be accessed from the cPanel. However, as the dashboard is web-based it is possible to use a general URL with a user name and password for access. Read More >

How to Report an Email as Not Spam in SpamExperts

If you have emails that get blocked by SpamExperts that are not actual spam, you can report it so that the algorithm gets more efficient and have them removed. In this article, we will demonstrate how to report spam email as false positives in your SpamExperts dashboard. Using the Report Not Spam Tool Log into Read More >

How to Report a Spam Email in SpamExperts

If you receive spam emails that successfully passed the SpamExperts monitoring tool, you can report it so the SpamExperts algorithm gets smarter for the future. In this article, we will demonstrate how to report emails as spam in your SpamExpert dashboard. NOTE: Before you can report an email as spam, you will need to save Read More >

How to use the Spam Experts Spam Quarantine Tool

When using Spam Experts as your spam filtering tool, any spam not specifically rejected by other rules will be sent to a quarantine section. You will be able to visit the quarantine list and decide how to deal with each individual email. Here we show you how to check the quarantine list and perform the Read More >

How to Add an Email User in SpamExperts

In this tutorial, we will show you how to add an email user to SpamExperts. This allows users to access and use the SpamExperts Dashboard (or control panel). From there users can manage their spam settings, and view their spam. Adding an Email User Log into your SpamExperts Dashboard. Click the Manage email users button Read More >

How to Whitelist or Blacklist in SpamExperts

One of the most common tasks in a spam prevention program is whitelisting and blacklisting email addresses or domains. This helps you tailor spam monitoring programs such as SpamExperts to allow or deny specific domains or email addresses. We will go over how to whitelist or blacklist senders and recipients in your SpamExperts control panel. Read More >

How to set Email Attachment Restrictions in SpamExperts

Email attachments are often an easy way to spread malware and viruses. It’s important to block certain file types to help protect your local computer. Attachments can be restricted easily in the Spam Experts control panel. Log into SpamExperts Control Panel. Go to Attachment Restrictions under the Email Restrictions heading. In the first section select Read More >

How to set an Email Size Limit in SpamExperts

Large emails can be problematic when managing email accounts. SpamExperts easily allows you to impose a limit on the size of the incoming emails. You have the option to quarantine or reject an incoming email based on it’s size. Below are the instructions on how to set up email restrictions based on the size of Read More >

How to Log into Spam Experts

Spam Experts is a spam filtering tool that is used to filter your incoming and outgoing email for spam. The Spam Experts Administration dashboard is now accessible through the cPanel. This article will guide you through the login process. Of note, Spam Experts will not work for inbound emails by default. You will first need Read More >