Spam Experts – Train Email as Spam

Date: 11/8/19          Time to read: 1:10 In this article: Train Spam Experts to recognize a spam email Spam emails generally have very obvious flags that make them easy to identify. However, there are emails that occasionally leak through the spam filters. Spam Experts lets you train the filter so that it can identify these emails. Follow Read More >

Train Spam Experts – Email Not Spam

In this article: Learn how to Train Spam Experts for Emails Not Spam Occasionally, you may be anticipating emails that should not be classified as spam. Spam Experts can be trained so that it does not filter those emails. The process requires that you have a copy of the email saved as either a .eml Read More >

Blacklist a Domain in Spam Experts

In this article: Learn to Blacklist a Domain If you need to make sure that emails from a domain are blocked by Spam Experts, then you are blacklisting a domain. You should only make blacklist a domain when it’s necessary. If you blacklist a domain, then emails will be blocked by Spam Experts. Use this Read More >

How to Whitelist Recipients in SpamExperts

In this article: How to Whitelist a Recipient Whitelisting a Recipient There may be times when you may want to make sure that emails sent to certain recipients are not filtered by Spam Experts. This is not recommended for your general email recipient. A good example of using this option is for recipients like postmasters Read More >

Whitelist a Domain in Spam Experts

In this article: Learn to Whitelist a Domain You may occasionally want to make sure that emails from a domain are never blocked by Spam Experts. The process of making this exemption is called whitelisting. You should only make exemptions when it’s necessary. Making too many exemptions will make Spam Experts ineffective at filtering spam Read More >

How to use the Spam Experts Spam Quarantine Tool

When using Spam Experts as your spam filtering tool, any spam not specifically rejected by other rules will be sent to a quarantine section. You will be able to visit the quarantine list and decide how to deal with each individual email. Here we show you how to check the quarantine list and perform the Read More >

How to Setup Your SpamExperts MX Records

In this guide, we will show you how to set your MX records for SpamExperts. This will allow you to protect your email from being inundated by spam messages. We will also show you how to access the SpamPanel in cPanel, and disable (or bypass) the spam filter if you do not want to use Read More >