How to Add a Mail Account Using macOS: Catalina

Date: 09/13/2019       2 Minutes to Read In this article:  How to Add a Mail Account Automatic Setup Manual Setup This article describes how to add a Mail account using the macOS: Catalina. Adding a Mail account will allow you to check your email from your macOS device. Did you know? Other hosting Read More >

How to Change Your Email Account Password in cPanel

Date: 08/16/2019   |   2 Minutes to Read In this article: Change your password in cPanel Change your password in Webmail For security reasons, we recommend you use a password manager to enable yourself to create long, complex passwords and secure them safely. Regardless, passwords can be forgotten, saved wrong (ever copied a password that added Read More >

Can’t Send Email With VPN Connected? Let’s Fix That.

Many privacy-conscious users have been there. You’re at home or in your favorite lounge with your virtual private network (VPN) application enabled because you’re connected to an open public network. You’re trying to clean up your inbox but your email responses don’t send – they sit in your outbox. You can do everything else on Read More >