Viewing Hidden Files (htaccess) in cPanel’s File Manager

By default, when you use the File Manager in cPanel, it doesn’t show hidden files. Hidden files are any file that begins with a dot, such as .htaccess. .htaccess is a common file to edit, so to edit the file using your File Manager, you’ll need to have the option selected to show hidden files. Keep reading to learn how.

Showing hidden files in File Manager

  1. Log in to your cPanel
  2. Under Files click File Manager
    File Manager icon


  3. Slick Settings in the upper right corner
    Settings button


  4. Select your Document Root and check the box for Show hidden files and click Save
    Show hidden files option



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42 thoughts on “Viewing Hidden Files (htaccess) in cPanel’s File Manager

  1. I’ve done this and there is no .htaccess file in my hidden files. Can anyone help me? I really don’t want .html to show up 

    1. I’m sorry, I’m not quite sure what issue you are experiencing. What are the steps you are taking to replicate the issue?

  2. When I click the Settings button, all I see is a dialogue that says “Disable Character Encoding Verification Dialogs” with a checkbox. 

    1. Hi, oaklandrichie!

      Which cPanel theme are you using? I would try to change the theme you are using to see if that check box shows up in another theme. The checkbox should appear right above the “Disable Character Encoding Verification Dialogs” checkbox in Paper Lanter.

  3. My web have “files in subdirectories” too big and they are 13 times biger than data of other data (posts and pages). Should I delete them? If yes, How to delete them correctly?

    Thank you!

  4. After struggling for ages – I have finally found out how to do this, so thought I’d share – everyone who cannot do this via settings with the new theme – it’s here 🙂

  5. For those that don’t have the option to show hidden files, add the following to the end of the url:



    Then press unter, so would be like this
    and would change to


    Hope this helps.

  6. ohhh

    yes great very helpful. my cpanel theme was exact these photos & i was sad about hidden files how to view!. realy tanks. a kiss just for you. oh i love you!

  7. I have followed all these steps and still cannot find the .htaccess file. 

    I am using cpanel x3 also opened legacy file manager and checked show hidden files.

    Way too much time spent on insignificant stuff

    1. If you have the selection checked, then all hidden files will show. You can test by creating a hidden file (create one named .test for example) and see if it shows. If so, then you may not have a .htaccess file.

  8. Hi,am having a problem with my c-panel…i cant see any of my files in the public_html.  is telling me that The directory is empty.

    1. I recommend checking the other directories to see if your files were moved, or possibly restoring a backup if available.

      Reviewing our server logs (such as FTP) may reveal more information into where your files went.

      Thank you,

    1. Hello Ali Hossian,

      As per Scott’s answer above, the new Paper Lantern theme may be applied to your site. They are slowly moving the servers to this new image interface. You can find the settings option to show hidden files in File Manager by going to the top right hand corner and clicking on the gear icon (in File Manager).

      If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

      Arnel C.

  9. I have a setting button in the top right corner… it does not have the option to show hidden files.  This night is so frustrating.  Lost files.  Have to start over because of error messages that are useless.  Wow.  This is way to painful  Need good instructions on how to get my web page to show under my domain.  publish doesn’t do it.  I can’t see .htaccess file.



    1. It sounds as if you are using the new Paper Lanter theme. This article was written some time before that came out. Still, when clicking on the Settings button, I can see the option for displaying hidden files.

      If you are not seeing that, there may be an error with your specific account. For assistance with that you will want to contact Live Support.

  10. In later versions of cPanel, you will click the “Settings” button in the top-right corner inside the File Manager to choose the “Show Hidden Files” option.

  11. Much appreciated.  Hidden files are always frustrating, but info like this is a life saver.  If I can’t see the blasted file, how can I edit it like at https://**********.com, there are several hidden files I haven’t been able to see until now.

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