What is the path to sendmail?

What is Sendmail?

Sendmail is a very popular Mail Transport Agent (MTA). It is used to send email between servers. It runs in the background on our servers, and most users generally don’t ever need to interact with it directly.

What is the path to Sendmail?

Sendmail is located at:


If you have VPS Hosting or Dedicated Hosting, you can find the path by using the “which” command:

user@vps#### [/]# which sendmail

A Command Line Example Using Sendmail

Users generally don’t need to call sendmail directly from the command line, but in case you’re looking for it for a specific reason, we’ve included an example below that shows how to send an email from the command line using sendmail:

 root@vps#### [/]# /usr/sbin/sendmail -t To: [email protected] From: [email protected] Subject: This is the subject of the email    This is the body of the email. . 
root@#### [/]#

Exploring Email Sending Alternatives

In addition to locating the path to sendmail, remember that sendmail serves as a command-line tool for direct email transmission. For PHP applications, consider employing PHPMailer – a versatile solution offering secure and feature-rich email functionality. To delve deeper into utilizing PHPMailer, we recommend consulting our PHPMailer tutorial.

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