How to Use MultiPHP in WHM to Change your Server’s PHP Version

One of cPanel’s newer features is the MultiPHP Manager. The MultiPHP Manager allows you to change the PHP version your websites are using. From WHM you can change the PHP version for your entire server. This is useful if all your websites need a version of PHP that your server is not currently set to. Now we’ll show you how to do so.

Note that you will need root access in order to use these directions.

MultiPHP Manager – Changing Your Server’s PHP Version

  1. How to log into your Web Host Manager (WHM)
  2. MultiPHP Manager fieldClick the MultiPHP Manager in the Software section. Or you can search for MultiPHP in the search field.
  3. MultiPHP Manager edit link highlightClick Edit on the PHP Versions tab under the System PHP Version section
  4. MultiPHP Manager apply button highlightFrom the drop-down menu select the version you wish to use, and click Apply
  5. Check your changes by viewing your settings in a phpinfo page.

Congratulations! You have now changed your PHP version for your entire server using the MultiPHP Manager.

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