Need Some Help Regarding New VPS

  • Answered
Hi Guys,
i bought VPS from you and magento speed is too slow and i want to make sure which cache you prefer on VPS.
i am about to launch this website and i want to make sure website speed is enough so slow speed customers also navigate website very easily.

which cache you prefer varnish or nginx or any thing else.

any cache i can activate from WHM. please suggest i have no idea.

Hello punjabirishtey, Thank you for contacting us about speeding up Magento in your VPS. There are many Magento plugins that help caching within Magento itself. This will be the easiest option for helping your site performance, since there is not any caching you can activate from WHM. NGINX is not caching, but can speed your site performance. Here is a link to our NGINX installation guide, it will require root access. Varnish is also great for caching, but will also require root access. Here is a link to a similar question about setting up Varnish. If you need assistance installing this, we do have a Managed Hosting team that can assist you. Please contact Live Support, if you want information about pricing. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul B