how to change only one of the text boxes padding width size in form

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I custom added a dropdown box on my registration form but now I can't change the width on the css file because it affects all the other boxes style in the form too. I tried changing it in the public_html/plugins/user/profile/profiles/profile.xml but it won't work either. and the modified I only know how to change it in the index.html. when I right click on the page and select "inspect tool" to test it. test box is now But needs to be
Hello kd9000,

Thank you for your question on adjusting dropdown width. Adjusting the CSS can indeed have effects on other items. The best way is to add th CSS inline, like you did in your example. I would stick with whole numbers as far as the pixel width, however as the extra will just be discarded.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M