what happens to my customers if i decide to cancel my reseller plan ?

  • Answered
so i decided to not to renew my reseller plan what happens to my customers would i be charged to pay them or inmotion will take them what happens exactly ?

Thank you for your question on cancelling reseller accounts. Reseller accounts can be thought of in the same manner as VPS accounts in that all the cPanels (subaccounts) created on it are under the main account. If the main account is cancelled, then all the subaccounts are terminated along with it.

As your customers, they are not specific customers of InMotion, so how you handle them is entirely up to you. You may, however wish to give them notice and see if they want to set up an account with us to move their data. Moving the cPanel would need to be facilitated between you, the customer, and IMH together.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M