How to login to Reseller's Customer cpanel account?

  • Answered
After creating customer cpanel accounts in my reseller account, how do the customers login to their cpanel a/c?
domain/cpanel or domain:2083 redirects to my reseller url & returns 'invalid login'.
Logged in as a reseller I can switch cpanel accounts, but could you help with instructions to login as the individual cpanel owner. I've even reset the password within WHM but cant guarantee 100% success logging in.
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having issues with cpanel login. All domains should be able to access their cpanel via the format "". This is true however, only if the domain name is pointed to us. Failing that, they should also be able to access via the server name format "" (be sure to enter the server number in place of the ###). If you are continuing to have issues, then there may be an account specific reason. For that, you will need to contact our Live Support so you can verify the account and they can assist with specific details. Kindest Regards, Scott M