Why is Softaculous Deleting Backups?

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I noticed a couple weeks ago when backing up each of my sites with softaculous that before i finished backing up each site they wouls all disappear. I spoke with texh support agent and they said must have been a glitch. I finally after going through all my sites for the thrd time was able to see them all in the backup. Today i went to restore a website and all backups are gone. There is something wrong with softaculous. I was depending on it to work and tried covering the problem with tech support. I have all my sites dowloaded from softaculous on my computer, but whenever i try to upload the backup it does not work. Softaculous needs fixed. When i just spoke with tech support just minutes before this question being posted, the tech looked at softaculous and said there are no backups there. I stated to him again that softaculous is deleting them on it' own.

Hello VegasTrainr, Sorry for the problems with the Softaculous backups. Unfortunately we do not develop the program. Additionally, in test we are not finding any problems with the operation of backups with Softaculous. The issue may be related to your specific account. You will need to submit a support ticket so that the issue can be investigated by the systems team. They would also be the ones responsible for submitting a ticket to the developers of Softaculous if it is necessary. Apologies again that we can't provide an immediate resolution for the problem. You can still create backups using the cPanel options as well, if necessary. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.