Updating Products in Prestashop 1.6

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At approximately 9pm EST on June 5th, when updating products in my database via Prestashop, I began to experience issues with the products updating with the changes that I had made. When I clicked on "Save and Stay", it would just take me back to my product catalog. There have been no modules added and since this started to occur, I have disabled all of the existing modules so that they could be ruled out. Prior to 9pm, I had no ocurrences of this happening. I have googled this issue and there have been many suggestions that indicate that it is module related, however after disabling all of the modules, I tried updating a product again and it would not updating still take me back to the product catalog and my updates would not take.

In testing, I have created a new product and saved it and it worked. I edited it and clicked on "Save and Stay" and did NOT experience the same issue as I was experiencing with products that were already in my catalog prior to 9pm on Friday. I even tried deleting the new product and it worked as well. Does anyone have any ideas of what might be going on? I did contact Inmotion Support and had them reboot sever functions on the server side. They even tried there own testing using another existing product that I hadnt touched and they experienced the same results.

Hello Nwcnwc28,

Have you tried removing/disabling all modules to see if the issue persist? It is possible that your database became corrupted, you can repair the database within your cPanel by going to MySQL Databases -> select the database -> click the repair button.

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TJ Edens
Hello nwcnwc28, Thank you for your question on PrestaShop. Sorry to hear you are having issues with saving and editing on a product. Have you enabled caching in the store? This can sometimes cause issues like this. You can disable it to see how it behaves with it off. To do so, go to Advanced Parameters >> Performance. From there toggle the "Use Cache" switch to off. Also, you may want to enable error reporting to see if it is also giving some sort of error when this occurs. Of so, please let us know what that error is. Kindest Regards, Scott M