Wordpress theme Fifteen is not responsive in wide screen format

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My Wordpress theme is Fifteen - which is both supposed to be wide screen compatible and responsive. The background seems to be working correctly on large monitors and even hd tv. Yet, some of the content is pushing beyond the right side border and limits in the wide screen format. As well, this messes up the general layout. Most tags are
some are . Note: it looks as designed in smaller screen formats up to 18" - after that it's kinda a mess. Also, a page does not print as displayed whether in standard or wide screen. My greatest immediate need and concern is how to fix the wide screen appearance without having to contact the screen developer. Perhaps it is a code difference between using margin-left, px, or %? Any suggestions on the screen print will likewise be appreciated.
Hello, Thanks for the question! To be honest, you made me look for a monitor that could handle the larger sizes. I have one at home, but at the office, for the most part, everything is still well under 24" size. Web development is that way too. I took look around on the web and found one site that really discussed this issue. Even when I looked at the examples of websites who developed beyond the 960 pixel grid, they're STILL centered for smaller monitors. Also, in general, responsive design is focused on the smaller devices in terms of being able to provide a single set of website code that can morph to smaller screens. I do apologize that we don't have a good suggestion for you, but you would basically need to go into the WordPress theme's CSS and modify it to accommodate the larger screen sizes that you are encountering. Other than that, I'm sure you can find a competent web designer who can modify your WorddPress theme to handle the resolutions that you intend to support. Apologies again that I don't have a direct answer to help you in this issue. I hope this reply helps to clarify your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.