Changing SQL Databases from one Domain to another.

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How can I change one of my e107 SQL databases to one of my other Add-on domains? So instead of going to and having the e107 website pull up there, I can go to and have the e107 CMS pull up there.

So how would I go about migrating the files and the SQL database so the database would point to that domain instead of the other?
Hello CJzWorld,

Thank you for your question on pointing to a new database. If both sites are created with the same CMS and on the same hosting account and you simply want to use the database on another domain, you simply need to change the configuration file to point to the desired database. This normally only requires changing the database name, database username, and database password. There is no need to actually move the database unless you are on separate servers.

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Scott M
Since both are in the same cPanel account, you don't need to move the database, you should be able to just move the files and update the appropriate config file with the new domain name.