Customers can not check out once in the cart

  • Answered
I have had several customer call and let us know they can add items to the cart and once they go to checkout it will not let them. I call support and they instructed me to ask my question here. Any help with this would be much appreciated! Thanks!

I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems with the checkout from your OpenCart store. We will need more information in regards to the issue to investigate it in more depth. Are you using any plugins/extensions? What version of OpenCart are you using? Can you tell us what the customer tried to purchase and what payment options they selected? Are you able to duplicate the problem? We need to some specific information in order to determine the cause of the issue. We do NOT have direct access to your OpenCart installation, other than to look at the files. We may request access if the issue requires it. Please provide us some further information and we can look into it with more detail.

Arnel C.