Cannot send email in Horde

  • Answered
I keep getting a red error message saying an email address is incorrect and mail cannot be sent. How do I bypass this as the email addresses are correct and even if I remove the one highlighted as incorrect the error simply moves to another address

Sorry for the problems with being able to send email. It's difficult to tell what's wrong without knowing the addresses you're referring to. If those addresses are not valid, then it won't be able to send to them. How exactly are you sending the emails? When I send to several fake non-existent email addresses and one legitimate one, my email sends right away and doesn't stop me from sending me due to the incorrect email address. I was testing this in your email account. I composed an email and added several addresses, then hit send after adding a subject and some content to the email. Can you provide us a little more information on the problem (specifically the steps to duplicate the issue)?

If you can provide us a little more info,then we can investigate it a little further.

Kindest regards,
Arnel C.