Email are being forwarded after changing host

  • Answered
Hi! We moved our site to inmotionhosting from hostgator. We configured the email addresses too and copied all the email from the old server to the new one and closed the accounts on the old server but now there are coming every day forwards from old emails inside the same email address. Any idea where might be the problem?
Hello SondorTravel, Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your email behavior. I did a check on your current server records for mail and all looks correct. Your question, though, is a bit vague. Could you provide an example of what you mean by "forwards from old emails inside the same email address"? Is it within a specific email client? Have you tested others? Does it occur within webmail? Is it specific email addresses only? If this is an account specific issue you will want to contact our Live Support so they can take a look at the logs on the server. Kindest Regards, Scott M