How Do I Setup Office 365 with My Domain Hosted by GoDaddy?

  • Answered
I've purchased hosting from go daddy and then purchased email from office 365. after setup all the emails and adding DNS records. im unable to receive emails on office 365 emails. im using outlook 2013 for sending and reeving. what should i do??
plz help asap cz i need to start my work. i cant wait.
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having issues with configuring your domain with Outlook 365. I took a look at your basic MX records and they appear to be set correctly as best I can tell. Be sure to check all your authentication credentials (username, password, etc) and ensure they are correct. Also, check to ensure the account was crated correctly on the 365 site. Assuming all that is correct, you may want to check with GoDaddy to see if they can offer any extra help from their side. Kindest Regards, Scott M