FTP Too Many Connections

  • Answered
I've already read the info provided in the support section on this, which says to go into the cpanel and disconnect the connections that are left open by filezilla. But that's not a solution. I can't do that every time I want to upload a website. I don't know if the connection broke in the middle of a file upload so I keep trying to upload the file system with recurrances of the same error. I have Filezilla set to 8 maximum connections.
Hello, Sorry to hear about your FTP Too many connections error. If you have already closed the extra connections and limited the maximum, that is what needs to be done to correct the error on our side. You will need to see why your side is using more than one connection at a time. Is it more than one FTP connection/user working at a time? Are you somehow dropping connection and then reattaching? Kindest Regards, Scott M