I cannot change the nameserver for one of my domains

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I cannot change the nameserver for one of my domains from the other hostx account to inmotion. I contacted them, they delete the "ns.1hostx.com and ns2.hostx.com" but i had paid them to use Comodo and that they did not deleted. Every time I try here says "Ooops, error clique here" but once I click blank space with the option to go back. And also I have register 3 domains with you but in cpanel only apears 2 of them. When contact the "hostx" that's what i've got:

Thank you for contacting Support.

Your domain name 'rupertteixeira.com' is not registered with us. Please contact the current registrar 'MELBOURNE IT, LTD' to update the nameservers.

If you have further questions, please update the Support Console.


what shoul I do and why only two of my three domains shows in cp?
Hello Teixeira, Thank you for contacting us about changing nameservers. If the domain is within our control, we can update your nameservers for you. Please submit a ticket requesting we update your nameservers, be sure to include what you want it updated to. Live Support will make the change then notify via email. You will have to Addon a domain, for it to be in cPanel. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul B