Can't see media files after Primary Domain Change

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I have called support. They were unable to resolve the problem I am having. I changed the primary domain on my account today. Not sure if this has to do with the problem. Now, I am unable to see the images in the media center. Even when I download new images they all display as a blank thumbnail. The tech support thought it might have to do with the coding through the theme on wordpress.
Any images that were downloaded prior to the change, have remained intact on the actual website.
Also, I want to link a second domain name to a specific page on my website. Is this possible? Is it not advised? Am I going to run into the same challenges?

Hello turtle24,

Thank you for contacting us about missing images after a Primary Domain Change. When I check your images they are linking to a different domain name (I marked the actual domain name out with a "*" for security purposes).

For example, when I go to:


There is a missing image titled: "cropped-thinking-man_368978411.jpg"

When I roll my mouse over this image, it lists the URL as:


Since a primary domain change does not modify your website, you will have to update the URL for your site too.

You can redirect a domain to a specific folder from cpanel. Make sure you have added the domain to your cPanel first.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.

Thank you,

John-Paul B