Unable to log in to magenta back office after domain transfer

  • Answered
Hi Guys

I have just transfered my domain from rack space to in hosting, however i amenable to log in the my back office?

Can any one help?
Hello, Thank you for your question on logging into Magento. Your question is a bit vague so I would need some more details. Are you getting any error messages? If so, please respond with them in their entirety. Do you have php error reporting enabled to display all errors? If not, please attempt to enable them so you may receive error messages temporarily. You may then get messages you can respond with below. Did we transfer your site for you? If so, then the website transfer crew would be responsible in ensuring the login is successful. You may then want to contact them so they can fix it. How exactly are you attempting to log into the back end? Are you doing normally as in example.com/admin or are you trying to use a Temp URL? I see there also may be DNS propagation involved. DNS can take up to 24 hours before resolving, depending on location. This may result in pointing to the wrong server at the moment. Kindest Regards, Scott M