How to apply 301 redirects from a site designed by a previous designer

  • Answered
How should you approach applying 301 redirects from a old site to a redesigned site with a new domain name? I have no access to any of the previous hosting information or source code. What will I need to complete this task

• The new site is also on a CMS platform.
• The new site has completely different navigation structure.
• New pages were added.
• The old site has great search result ranking.
Hello Sydney26, Thank you for your question on 301 redirects. You would not need to know the source code for the old site, but would need to know the exact page URL of both the old and the new sites so you can create the redirect for each page. There will not be a template code that we can give since it will be based on the structures of the old and new sites. Kindest Regards, Scott M