Why is the Partial Akeeba Backend of the Site Not Visible After Backup and Restoration?

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I designed a site under a 'test' folder on the domain domain.co.za/test/

I had loaded the site once to domain.co.za but there were content errors and we loaded a index.html file saying under construction while I corrected the site under the test file.

Once it was finally approved I backed up the 'test' site.

I did an Akeeba backup of my site and used kickstart to restore it. I followed a [youtube] clip and everything went smoothly. My site looks fine but on the backend I cannot view certain settings like the ones behind content (Publishing / Images & Links / Association / Options / Configure edit screen / Permissions).

I then decided to delete the live site totally and copy and paste each file individually via cpanel. It is doing the same thing. My test site is fine. I need to urgently fix this as I cannot do seo as I cannot access meta description/keywords etc. Please can someone help?

Hello, Sorry to hear about your back end issues after the restore. Are there any error messages displaying when you attempt to visit those areas? Are you able to set the error reporting to 'development' to display all possible errors? Does the original site still allow access to these errors? Have you attempted to contact your hosting support to see if they have any suggestions? If so, what were those and did you see any specific behavior when implementing them? Kindest Regards, Scott M