problem Module ebay ?

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problem Module ebay
I can not install the module ebay after all the steps to upload it from my pc to my website gives me a errrore.
Here I list my procedure to load the module: 1 point.
I click on "add a new module"
step 2. I click on "select a file"
Step 3. I select from my pc to load the module
Step 4. I click on the form of charge
shows the percentage of load, once you get to 100%
tells me module loaded correctly
Step 6. I click on the install button and
I get this error:
form ebay you uploaded is not a valid form.
Hello, Sorry to hear about your issue with the ebay module. I attempted to duplicate the issue for you but it seems there is currently an issue on the PrestaShop store with this module downloading. Your module installation steps seem correct and it seems he module is completing the upload. I looked up the error message itself and all results have to do directly with ebay. When do you receive this error? Are you attempting to access the module or does it appear right after the upload says it completes? Please provide the exact steps so we can understand the flow and hopefully assist in discovering a solution. Kindest Regards, Scott M