cPHulk Brute Force Protection - Slow Down Effects?

  • Answered
I have read where people blocking ip's via .htaccess can slow down a server because of checking ip addresses every time a visitor comes in.

My question is if I block using links I get from whm through cPHulk such as this https://sample.myservernamehere.com:2087/scripts7/cphulk/blacklist?ip= - will adding several to hundreds of these blocks slow down my server also?

If so, is there a way to block countries from logging into whm without restricting access to your sites and slowing down the server. What is the best way to approach denying logins from hacker attempts?
Hello, Thanks for the question about whether blocking IP's via links from WHM through cPHulk can slow down your server. If the server has to process a link, then it is using some resources from the server. It would be exactly like processing the large .htaccess file if you're adding hundreds of links. The request to see your server page comes from the internet, then the server sees the request and must make a decision on what to serve that request. If you're forcing the server to sort/make a decision on what to serve, then you're creating a bottleneck of sorts. The best way to handle denying logins is to use a third party system to filter requests coming in that doesn't utilize the resources of the hosting server. Typically, if you were hosting it yourself, you would have a network where there may be a firewall and a secure system that filters the requests BEFORE they get to the hosting server. While we do not endorse them, Cloudflare is an example of a third party system that provides security that may help you in this case. There are firewalls in place for InMotion, but they're not dedicated to only your hosting account. If you're purchasing hosting, then it's simply best to use an .htaccess file with a VPS/Dedicated server system where the resources for the hosting server are dedicated to your account. If you require further information on using the .htaccess file, please see Using .htaccess to block IPs I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Kindest regards, Arnel C.