Left Column Catalog Block

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Hey guys. Please see:

See in the left column CATALOG. Here is the thing:
1. I don't see that CATALOG is hooked to the left column.
2. I don't see a module. in my back office for CATALOG BLOCK.
3. Note that the CATALOG block appears only in one category DOG BEDS. It is not on any other category page. I kind of like it and would use it but I don't even see where it is coming from.


Hello Bruce,

Thanks for the question about the CATALOG option in the left column. I spent some time looking through the PrestaShop interface (and the theme interface), but with no success in finding how that section is controlled. When I inspected the element in Chrome, i discovered that the section is maintained by the theme. At this point, it will require a theme modification of some nature - at least that's how it appears. You will need to contact the theme authors to verify if that section is something that you can easily customize or remove.

Kindest regards,
Arnel C.