I am receiving this Error code: ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

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This issue seems to only happen on my computer and my girlfriends computer. I happened while we were in Arizona, we are now in NYC and still getting the error.

I can login to my wp-admin for about 6 minutes then I cant save it logs out then i try to log back in and get the redirect error. At this point, I have to clear the cache, delete the cookies, and restart google chrome to log back in to my website. When my website get the redirect loop error my page will also show up broken on the main url.

This happens on chrome and safari.

Support said you guys were the Seal Team, I am depending on you guys!

Hello, Sorry for the problem with too many re-directs on your WordPress site! I spent probably about an hour looking at your website. I was able to duplicate the issue. I created a temporary admin user so that I could login as an Admin and then try to duplicate the issue. It started probably 5-10 minutes into looking at your admin. I noticed two things - that you're getting a repeated 302 redirect and that I couldn't access the website unless I cleared out history from my Chrome browser. Generally, one of the things we SHOULD be doing is to simplify the installation as much as possible, and then isolate where the error could be coming from. Simplifying in Wordpress means deactivating the plugins and changing any custom theme back to the default. You have so many things loaded though, that I didn't want to try that first. I look around to see if anyone had a similar experience on the internet. I found this post: WP redirect loop with WP-admin or wp-login.php. This was the closest looking post that matched your error. I read through their suggestions and they suggested changing the .htaccess file. You can see the post and also observe that I applied the change to your .htaccess file. When I did this, I was not able to replicate the loop error again. In fact, I keep going back to the WP admin (nervously) and it still looks solid. One of the users mentioned that the issue was associated with their theme, and typically, something like this kind of behavior (which is very very unusual) can be the result of a plugin/custom theme. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Kindest Regards, Arnel C.