Need help for restoring my backup.tar.gz to new server

  • Answered
i am trying to restore my database as i have changed my server company, the size of my sql database is aroung 3 gb, can you please help how do i restore the database , i tried it with the common method of extracting the tar.gz file and then uploading the My sql file (around 3gb) under cpanel sql in restore backup option but it takes a very very long time and drops in between before completing as it used crome to upload the database(i guess) , i tried this method various times but was unable to restore the database to my new server, is there any software which can be used to restore large sized database , or is there any software to restore my backuped zipped file backup.tar.gz(around 600 MB) which includes all the databases .
thanks in advance for early reply.
Hello, Thank you for your question on restoring a large database backup. You can attempt to bypass the 50MB limit for shared servers by installing your own phpMyAdmin instance. We have an article that explains that here. Also, you can FTP the file up to your account and then have our Support Team restore it for you. Kindest Regards, Scott M