How get access to wp-admin

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Your making a migration from old hosting to your site:
site (frontpage) is working now but problem is that I can't log in to my admin panel (http://xyz/wp-admin/) - One time I get information about not working redirection and second time communicate: "lessphp fatal error: load error: failed to find /home/selling/domains/ fatal error: load error: failed to find /home/zysj/domains/"
How I can repair it?
Hello InMotionFans, Thank you for your question about accessing wp-admin for WordPress. I first recommend verifying you have successfully Configured WordPress After a Migration. Completing those steps should ensure your site is setup right, since it seems your paths may not be correct. Since all the errors mention missing files, have you verified the folders/files are there? Specifically the "theme52441" folder. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul