More Problems with Email Delivery Failure

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After my last experience with support I promised never to try that option again. However, constant failures of email delivery leave me no choice. I just had important users get email bounces to my email account. When I logged on to Webmail, which I never use, I found the inbox filled with valid messages and spam going back a month. Last time I was told the problem was that hotmail had been placed on a blacklist. This time perhaps it is because the Inbox on the server was filled. I use POP3 accounts and have Outlook set to delete messages on the server when downloaded. This has always worked with previous Web hosts going back more 15 years.
Apparently it does not work with InMotion. Constantly having to log on to Web mail to delete these messages is not only an annoyance but a real pain in the neck and should not have to be done.

Please find a solution to this that does not involve telling me to use IMAP and/or your junk filter which I will not do for very good and valid reasons. If this is not possible, please tell me so I can find an alternate solution.
Hello whodunit,

Sorry to hear about your email issues. Your individual account may need to be looked at, our servers should work fine with POP3 settings. We have had no other complaints of this type recently and, although IMAP is the most popular, tens of thousands of accounts using POP3. You will need to contact Live Support for this type of issue as it involves working with account specific information. It sounds as if you have checked the right things such as having Outlook set to delete the messages. Have you tried other clients such as Thunderbird as a test or a possible replacement?

Kindest Regards,
Scott M