Changing background color or image.

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I am getting to the point with the new site where I want to start making small adjustments to the look and feel of the site via background color changes and such. I know how to do it but this 1.6.14 is acting funny.

Normally, you would just do this:
Go to:
background....etc.. and change the html color code. This css is different but it is usually around line 5257 or so.

Anyway, my changes have made no difference and the color will not change. BTW, Prestashop tutorials say to do exactly what I'm doing. I need you to look at this and let me know what you find. This process is usually very simple.


Hello Bruce, Thank you for your question about changing background color in PrestaShop 1.6. I found a working solution via Google search (it also provided a solution for adding background images), where they provided the following code:
body, #page, header, .columns-container {background: #FFF!important;background-image: none!important;}
As a test I added the code to another css file and changed the color to black (your original global.css file was left unchanged). For example:
body, #page, header, .columns-container {background: #000000!important;background-image: none!important;}
After clearing my browser cache your site background displayed Black. I left the following test css file in your account: /public_html/themes/default-bootstrap/css/global.css.test If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul