Info on website MTA

  • Answered
In Cpanel or AMP, I don't see any reference to the website mail transfer agent?
Is it sendmail? EXIM? Is there some link you can send in this regard?
Hello, Thanks for the question about the MTA. Exim is the mailing daemon used by our servers for sending and receiving all mail. Exim does not handle checking mail using POP/IMAP. These are are processes controlled by Courier IMAP. On our servers, Exim runs on ports 25 (standard), 587 (submission), and 465 (SSL), though VPS and Dedicated server customers can request an additional non-secure port to be opened in place of 587. Exim is a service directly managed by cPanel, and is the only MTA that cPanel supports. If you're looking for more information on changing your MX records, check out Modifying your MX records. I hope this helps to answer your questions, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.