Manage domain area in cpanel

  • Answered
Hello I'm trying to point my domain (with another company) to my hosting (here). I changed the nameservers there but I can't find the manage domain in the cpanel to point there that this is the domain. What can I do?
Thank you!
Hello zyanyalorenzo, Sorry to hear you are having troubles with your cPanel. If the domain is with another registrar and pointed to us, there will not be a Manage Domain section within the AMP as the domain is not with us. Is that what you are asking? The Domains area in the cPanel is for Addon, Subdomains, and Parked domains. The primary will not be listed as it is automatically the default domain for the account. If you can tell me what exactly what you are trying to do I may be able to point you in the right direction. Kindest Regards, Scott M