testing osCommerce with temporary URL and NOT modifying hosts file

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After reading some of the answers about testing with a temp URL (because the real domain is still active on another service), I am still a little uncertain with respect to osCommerce. I do not want to modify my hosts file because there a number of other people involved in testing and we do not want to have them all try to change their hosts files. I tried going to osCommerce's configure.php, and changing the defines for the HTTP server and the HTTPS server to my temp URL, and while that does seem to work, the login page is not showing as an https page. My first question is: am I doing the right thing in editing the config.php file to contain the temp URL (given that I don't want to change the hosts file)? My second question is: where to look to try to get the specifically-osCommerce pages, like the login page, to be recognized as https pages?

Hello Richard,

Thanks for the question about using osCommerce with a temporary URL and using it with SSL. First, in double-checking the forums on this issue, changing the configuration PHP files are the only options to do it (without making a hosts file change). However, making your SSL certificate use the temporary URL won't work as the certificate is domain specific. So, if you purchased it for a specific domain name, and you have switched the installation to use the temporary URL, the SSL certificate will not work. You may want to use the Shared Server's SSL while you're using the temporary URL. Find more information about going to the article on using the Shared certificate with Oscommerce. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance.

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Arnel C.