Huge Spam Increase Since Switching to InMotion

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This is more of a question for the Community. Before I switched from a different host to InMotion earlier this months, my Spam mail was minimal--maybe 15-20 a day, and I was not using a web host spam filter. Since moving to InMotion my daily spam, 90% of which is caught by Outlook and Norton Internet Security and filtered to a junk email folder I can easily inspect has now skyrocketed to several hundred a day making it more cumbersome to check the list.
I am reluctant to use Spam Assassin for several reasons: 1) The need to do a separate login though Webmail to view the Spam folder on InMotion, which I cannot do anyway because Webmail will not accept my email password 2) configuring alternative desktop access is just one more place is a roundabout why to do things, and 3) I find these one size fits all spam filters like Spam Assassin filter out too many things I want to see requiring constant updating of white lists plus frequent checks of the Spam folder which I can't access anyway.
My question to the community is "Do people generally experience this uptick in spam through InMotion and if so, besides Spam Assassin what work-arounds have you found?
My question for InMotion staff is why not make the Spam Folder on of the folders accessible through File Manager--so much simpler.
Hello Whodunit,

You can access the spam folder from within file manager. To do this you would go to mail -> your email address -> look for the .Junk folder or .Spam folder. At this time you will see both a new and cur folder, cur are messages that you have read or marked as read. Where as new is a folder of which you have not read yet.

Best Regards,
TJ Edens