Add On Domains Issues I am having

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Several issues/questions I am having:

1) I have built a website as a sub domain to my primary site. I now want my add on domain to point to it. Some questions:

1) Does it matter if the name of the sub domain is significantly different than the addon domain? (I.e will a visitor to my add on domain site ever know they are on a sub domain?)

2) I did a test run of this and saw the home page looked good but then noticed that the menu links had the address of my primary site rather than the addonsite. For example , even though I had entered the website via , when I clicked on blog, instead of it saying: "www.addonsite/blog" it said "www.primarysite/blog" . I then looked at the admin menu links and saw I had entered the hard links(i.e www.myprimarysite/blog instead of the node. I tried changing the links to the nodes and that solved the problem. The question I am asking is as I proceed with this setup will there be other issues to be aware of outside of the menu links?
Hello Brucef5,

Thank you for your questions about addon domains. Although it does not matter how different the addon domain name and subdomain names are, the user will know they are redirected to a subdomain as it will appear in the browser address bar.

As to the links, unless they were hardcoded, they should link to the current site. This assumes there was not a copy from the former site done, in which case it is possible that there are settings either in the configuration or the database that contain the URL of the other site. In that case, you will need to replace them with the current domain URL.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M