prestashop no front or back office access after server upgrade (white)

  • Answered
After a server upgrade 2 of our prestashop installs broke with no errors. Only white blank pages. Ticket support was unable to help and said they had never encountered this before.
Hello JimCCC, Sorry for the problems with PrestaShop white screens in both the front and back office of the application. I suspect that the issue may have to do with the server versions of PHP as that is one of the things may differ as you go from one server to another. Check and make sure that your PHP version is the same is the same as your previous location. Also, you mentioned checking error reporting below, but I'm not sure where you're checking. Did you turn on error reporting in PrestaShop? If you have not, please do so in order to get a more detailed error from the program. Please let us know about the error reporting in PrestaShop and then we can look into the issue further. Regards, Arnel C.