Wordpress login is being rejected

  • Answered
Hi I am in the process of transferring my WP website to another hosting company. I was the administrator for the current site, I have loaded WP into the CPanel and given my user name and password on the installation. The problem which is occurring I think is that when I go to log in it is trying to log me into the old site, which is still running, and therefore not allowing me access. Is there anyway to get round this? The new site and the old site both have the same domain name and so the url is the same mydomain/wp-admin.
Hello, Sorry to hear about your problem with logging into the Administrator of your WordPress site. You will need to check the DNS for the domain name of the site. It won't resolve to two different locations. If you haven't moved the DNS to the new host, then it will still point to your old host. You should be able to login to the Admin, if not, then there may be permissions or something else security related. You may need to reset the WordPress Admin password. If you have the user and password for the WordPress site then you should be able to login - you will just need to make sure that there isn't a server related issue preventing your access. This may require that you speak with the host and verify your access to the site. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.