Outlook 2007 and Webmail

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I have already asked about why I can't view my folders and old emails in my webmail in outlook 2007, but there is one other issue and that is that NO NEW emails are going into my webmail at all anymore, so I can't check my email at home.
ALSO, I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and the way I have to set my email up on it (using POP3), it doesn't sync with anything properly. I can't view sent emails, I can't view any of my folders on outlook let alone the folders in my webmail, and it only lets me send an email when I turn off WIFI!
HELP ... steep enough learning curve at a new job and email is a top priority!
Hello Kpalliotto, Sorry to hear about your email problems. Unfortunately, you have given us very little detail about your email accounts, so we're not sure where they are located. To begin - WEBMAIL (for InMotion Hosting), is considered to be mail being viewed from either Horde, RoundCube or Squirrel Mail email clients in an internet browser. Webmail served from an InMotion Hosting server would not be viewable in what's considered Outlook's webmail client. That is something different. Outlook has their own internal webmail client that is accessible from an Exchange server - which is not used at InMotion. The Outlook 2007 mail client can be configured to run from our servers. The settings that you would use can be found in this tutorial. Your Samsung Galaxy S5 phone would use the same settings. However, I recommend that you NOT use POP3, because you're bringing all of the email to your phone. POP3 downloads the emails from the Inbox. You should use IMAP if you're trying to use multiple devices to see your email. When IMAP is setup, you may need to subscribe folders in order to see them. See Microsoft's documentation on subscribing to IMAP folders. The problem you're having with WIFI has to do with your settings and if the WIFI network you're connecting to is blocking particular ports. You will need to speak with your local IT people to straighten that out. If you are using an InMotion Hosting account, then making sure that you're using the correct settings should get your email working properly. If you want to use WEBMAIL (through an InMotion account), please see logging into webmail. If you require further assistance, please provide more information on your email account or domain name so that we can investigate the issue in more depth. Kindest regards, Arnel C.