Help am getting MySQL error 1064

  • Answered
I am trying to use datatables in my project and I wanted to convert one of my db's table into AJAX for easy processing but I ran into this error and the whole thing does not work,I have tried the Datatables forum but the answers I get are not leading me to the right path my file that draws this error is attached here:
The file attached is supposed to be processed at the server level
How can I debug this error?
Hello Sharcy, Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your SQL query. A 1064 error is simply a syntax error. We have an article that gives the most common causes of the 1064 error, so that may help you. You will want to have the entire query printed out before it runs so you can see what the exact content is. You can usually do this by echoing out the search variable to your screen. Then you can look at the whole query and have an idea on what the issue may be. Kindest Regards, Scott M