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Hi there, I have purchased an SSL certificate from comodo but I am not able to receive any single email from them in the last few days. During the chats also they send emails but none of the emails being received. This is critical situation for us and we want your support.

The email IDs which are not receiving emails includes a***(a)aspirenetwo**n and a***(a)speaktod**om, comodo has been sending emails from su***t(a)comodo**om and we have spent hours together during chat and more than 20 emails have been sent but none is received by any of the two mailboxes mentioned above.

Need urgent support, please help!
Hello Aryan, Thank you for your question about missing emails from the comodo domain. I checked the logs for your server, and see several transmissions between your domains, and addresses from today. I also see some of the emails being "forwarded" successfully. Since I see simultaneous instances of POP/IMAP connections. I recommend checking the devices that are setup as POP, since these will remove the emails from the server by default. I recommend using IMAP connections for all your devices (if you are checking from multiple devices), so they will see the same emails/folders. If your problems persist it may be easier to contact Live Support, so they can review the logs in real-time, while you are connecting, and provide account specific information in a secure setting. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul