Issues with Prestashop --> Admin Panel --> Modules --> Modules

  • Answered
I am using prestashop for my ecommerce shop. website is I am facing issues while trying to access "Modules --> Modules" from the admin menu. These are -
1. Takes very long to load the "Modules" menu.
2. Several modules which I know for sure are already installed, shop-up option only to "Install" and "Delete".
3. When I click on "Install" for such modules, I receive a message as e.g. "This module is already installed: homeslider. The following module(s) were not upgraded successfully:"
4. Clicking again leads nowhere.
Hello jbulbule, Thank you for your question about accessing Modules in PrestaShop. It seems like you may be having compatibility issues with your Modules/Themes. I would first recommend turning on Error Reporting in PrestaShop, which may provide more detailed clues into the problem. Next, make sure your Theme, and all 3rd party modules/addons are compatible with the version of PrestaShop. We are happy to help further, but will need some additional information. When did this start happening? What was the last thing you were working on, when this started happening? If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul