Email response not being received by non-inmotion email addresses

  • Answered
My contact form automatically generates a response to the customer. In testing, if I send to my inmotion email address it goes through, if I use my yahoo address it does not. I have tried with and without SMTP. When using SMTP if I place "localhost" in server field I get an error "Net_SMTP does not exist in .....SMTP.php on line 349." Leaving the "localhost" out of the Server field, it sends if address is also inmotion based.

Any ideas?


Found three issues that were preventing the email from going through to a Yahoo address.
1. I hadn't set up the DKIM
2. I hadn't setup SPF
3. Finally even after the above were setup - my subject line was being duplicated by my script.

The subject line duplication was just "dumb" on my part, I've been seeing that throughout my local testing.

Once, I corrected the duplication the email went through.


Can you send emails to your yahoo address with your email accounts from your server? Can you provide us a url to see your script? Have you checked your return email address for any bounce back messages?

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Best Regards,
TJ Edens