What can I do about a slow RSS feed?

  • Answered
I am a member of Bloglovin and for the last few months my posts have not been showing up in the feed. I contacted Bloglovin about this and was told that it is because my RSS feed is very slow. I was told to contact whoever is responsible for my RSS feed - is that you guys? (This is a fairly mysterious topic for me!) Do you have suggestions for making my RSS feed faster? The website in question is http://www.sophieinclogs.com
I hope this is in fact a question to ask you guys, and if not I apologize!
Hello, Thank you for your question about an rss feed not showing up in Bloglovin. I have seem some cases where increasing the PHP memory limit can help. It seems like Bloglovin wants the rss feeds to be formatted in a specific way. I found a post in their help site, where they suggest using a feed validator. When I ran your site through there it gives the following message: Errors found while checking this document as HTML5! I recommend reviewing their suggestions, most of them seem to be related to your WordPress widgets and theme. It may be easier to use a different theme/plugins that is more compatible with Bloglovin. Since many are coding related, you may have to consult a developer. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul